Axia3 Maximum Strength ProDigestive Heartburn Relief tablet waterproof travel packs. 20 packets of 4 chewable tablets per packet, for 80 total. Almost a 50% discount! Limited time only.


This product will neutralize stomach acid on contact and promotes nutrient absorption. This is the first antacid designed to stop political heartburn.


  • Rapid Heartburn Relief, enhances nutrient absorption, promotes digestive balance and Rapid Reflux Relief
  • Each packet contains 4 chewable tablets with digestive enzymes to help nutrient absorption
  • Works with your body instead of against it like traditional antacids.
  • Natural, Kosher, NON GMO
  • Natural Antacid Supplement For Pregnant Women that need rapid relief AND enhanced nutrient absorption for mom and baby. 

Axia3 Max Strength ProDigestive Heartburn Relief travel packs (80 ct)

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$15.99Sale Price


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